Aberdeen Medical School from a 1st Year's Perspective


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Hey Steve

First of all, I think I'll have 2 disappoint u - if u didn't venture outside your curriculum during the physiology degree, I doubt that you covered enough material to be able to 'forget about anatomy revision' altogether.. sure, you'll have it easier, but the detail they go into can sometimes be daunting ;)

I personally advise u (as someone who also did chem summer school) -to just breeze through it, since it's a piece of cake, and don't worry about prepping for a head start. Just try to relax during this summer as much as possible.. Trust me, all concepts in 1st yr are introduced from basics and they don't assume people are starting with A-level knowledge upon which medical course can build.. it's going to be very, very basic in the beginning and school leavers will surely complain, since it's not really what they expect from a medical course... that's ok though, it *will* get tougher ;)

The timetable is 20-ish hours of timetabled classes per week, and course coordinators are *recommending* at least equal amount of time for 'individual revision'.. however from a survey we had I can say that most people did 10 hours or less in their free time... and approx. 85% passed. Obviously, if you're aiming to be the best in the year, you'll probably need to do 2x or 3x the work of a regular student...

Next year's timetable will be different from ours, but I wouldn't expect to be off on Friday before 3-4pm.



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Hi Steve, if you look on the medical education website it actually tells you what we'll be covering and because it's now a systems based course from our year onwards I can't imagine we'd be covering all of the ones you mentioned. Here's the link:

Programme from 2009