Aberdeen, Dundee or St Andrew?


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Hello everybody!
I am an Italian student and so I need a big help from you all :)! In fact I am applying for University in Scotland, but I am not sure yet where to go yet. I'd like to send my application to Edinburgh, Glasgow and then I have to decide among Dundee, St Andrew or Aberdeen. But, apart from the uni websites, I cannot get any further information, because I don't know anybody who is attending medical school there. Is any on of you attending, or who knows about, Dundee, Aberdeen or St Andrew that could advice me about all the pros and cons of them? pleaseee :D! And, I am concerning particularly about St Andrew, that seems to be really good, but offers only the first three years, and then you have to move somewhere else...does it create problems with academic path?
Thanks to everybody who will answer!
Giorgia :D!

Frank E

Would you care to elaborate with your reasons emrg?

I was speaking with a soon to be member of staff of St Andrews recently, Giorgia, remembered this thread and asked about Y4&5 progression from St Andrews. He said assuming they get the grades, students are guaranteed a place at one of a few medical schools after Y3 St Andrews; Aberdeen, Dundee, Manchester...

There is a degree of convergence between courses by Y4 anyway, and a degree of involvement by external agencies in setting standards. so there shouldn't be that much of an academic progression difference or portability issues. In fact the chance to move on after Y3 could be advantageous. After 3 years you may have more idea of your medical/chirurgical strengths and interests and where you see your future career path going and it's good to have an option of moving school to one with a strong department or research projects in your field of interest.

Assuming you meet the entrance criteria, it depends what your priorities are.


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Thank you very much for your information and opinion. I sent the application also to St Andrew then. Now I have just to wait and keep my fingers crossed!