Aberdeen 2005 entry


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Since I'll have a holdall with me, I'm wondering what to do with it when I go for my interview, do you think reception would be kind enough to let me stash it behind their desks? Im terribly wierd for thinking about little details like these, hm, maybe its because im female
when i was at my interview i met a girl who stayed in Kings Hol, she left her rather large bag under a table in the reflectory - you'll be shown where its at.
good luck


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I wouldn't leave it in the refectory - the reception when you check in are quite willing to stash your bags till you come back - several people did when i was there.

Few people going for med interviews stay in kings hall ( i was the only 1 for my day) but there seemed to be several others there for different interviews.

Unfortunately there's no real place to get changed after :( but if the receptionists are in a good mood then they might take you across to where the cleaners change - rather that than hours on the train in a suit or dress respectively.

Good luck all,

Mine was 2 weeks yesterday.....where's that postie :wink:




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Ah brill! Thanks everybody, thought it was just me being slightly deranged as normal :oops: I will rather sheepishly be asking the nice reception people to store my bag, guess that I'll be limited to just one change of shoes then.. :lol: