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    Hi guys,

    I'm a current final-year student at UEA studying Biochemistry and I have an offer to study medicine at Leicester and at UEA and Manchester next year. So I have a lot of deciding to do, fairly quickly! I live with two UEA medics so I know a lot about their course but I don't know much about Leicester so I was wondering if I could ask some current students some questions:

    1) What (in your opinion) is the best, and the worst, thing about the Leicester course?
    2) Do you get paid transport to placements?
    3) How much do you use the iPads and how integrated are they into the way the course is taught?
    4) What is an average day like?
    5) How much do you get taught/assessed on practical skills (such as OSCEs etc)?
    6) I saw on the prospectus that the final 5th-year placement is shadowing the position that you will be filling once you graduate and start as an F1 - how does that work? (Or am I massively misunderstanding?)

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions but I want to make as informed a decision as possible!

    - Briony

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