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Discussion in 'Access to Medicine' started by Yasmeenah, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Hi, can anyone tell me what would be the best decision to make in my situation described below?
    I am EU student, wanting to study medicine (A100), who graduated high school in 2016 and then I took a gap year to gain some voluntary experience and to resit my final exams to make my score even better.(I am aware that in this situations going to med uni will be much more difficult and in some cases even impossible; anyway I want to try) I aim to get 90%-100% (A-A*) from subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology (everything HL) because these are the subjects I underperformed last year; I took exams also from English (98%-SL, 88%-HL) but I am not going to sit them this year. Also I am going to sit BMAT or UKCAT and IELTS this year. Now.. What is better..
    1.Should I try to go for 2017 entry (basically I have everything ready, personal statement and references and so on) for something connected with medicine such as biomedical science etc. for 1 year and then go to medicine for 2018 entry (in different university maybe); but then in this case am I allow to take a student loan for both courses?(only 1 year of biomed science and the whole course of medicine 5/6 years)
    2. Should I go only for 2018 entry strictly for medicine? but then in my opinion 2017 would be kind of wasting of time somewhat since I will not study during this year (or I may study in my country but I don't know if it wouldn't be frown upon somehow according to UK universities)
    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    if you are set on Med, go for 2018 entry, and use 2017 to either get experience in a related veiled, or earn money to make student life easier.

    If unsure, go for something like biomed, where you can swap in later.
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    Many medical school don't like retakes and will look at the original grades.

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