2013 Medicine applicants wanted...


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Greetings Medics,

I'm an educational researcher at the University of Kent conducting a research project into gender differences in clinical applications (i.e. for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine) in the 2012-13 UCAS application round.

If you've applied for Medicine this academic year, regardless of the status of your application(s), I'd be really grateful if you would complete this short (12 questions) survey about your course choices: https://survey.kent.ac.uk/clinical13

It's entirely anonymous - as it's a gender study, the only info about you I want to know is whether you're male or female! My contact details are on the first page if you've any questions.

Please pass the link on to anyone else you know who is applying for any of the three courses this year, the more the merrier!

Huge thanks (and good luck with your applications),