2011 UKCAT scores

What was your 2011 UKCAT score?

  • <500

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 501-549

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • 550-599

    Votes: 5 5.4%
  • 600-649

    Votes: 17 18.5%
  • 650-674

    Votes: 17 18.5%
  • 675-699

    Votes: 22 23.9%
  • 700-749

    Votes: 20 21.7%
  • 750-799

    Votes: 9 9.8%
  • 800+!

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Dude, you'd be fine! God bless! x

As for the UKCAT, I think you just got robbed, but from what I've been reading so far, there's a luck element to it as well.

Although most of the GEP offers were given to individuals with 650+ in all sections, you have to realise that some people have reported a low 600s average (which, by mathematical deduction, it is likely that they've got <600 in some sections) and still walked away with an offer.

Have you considered applying for a full undergrad degree? Yeah it's one more year, but I mean, better being a doctor than to sit back ANOTHER year doing diddly squat, am I right? :D


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Aaaaargh. About GAMSAT that is. Does anyone know roughly how to convert from a percentage to their odd scoring system? I'm desperately (last minute) trying to find out how disastrous this will be


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degree OK for GEP?

Hi guys,

I had posted a while back about doing a GEP program (I'm not from the UK, but I am an EU citizen).
Someone asked me what my Master's degree is in: it's in Biological Sciences (focused on human biology), and it's a Master's by Research (I think that's what they call it in the UK). It's a two year program and 3/4 of it is research through lab internships.
Do you think this will be an acceptable degree? Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to show that my degree is equivalent to the UK qualifications necessary (2.1, 1rst, etc?). I'm obtaining a degree in France so the scores are really quite different.
Thanks a lot!


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Sorry, I forgot one thing:

I found that Warwick and Barts have a joint GEP program. What does this mean in terms of UCAS applications? Do I only apply to one or do I still apply to both? If I get rejected by one, can I still be accepted to the other? I'm not sure I understand because they don't have exactly the same requirements on their websites (for instance, Barts requires that people with degrees not from the UK send in their transcripts, whereas there is no mention of this for Warwick). Can anyone explain please? :)

Thanks a lot!
The only joint part is the interview. And you can choose to have 2 separate interviews if you so wish.. Your success for one school does not affect your chances of success for the other, but operating the same process they potentially likely to be looking for similar things?
Their requirements are different. Check on the website/with them exactly what you need.
Good luck!


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OK, thanks snakefisch. any reason those two particular schools do a joint interview? Is there any advantage to doing two separate interviews (doesn't seem like it, as it's more time-consuming...)

I could think if you mess up the first one, you have a second chance! But thinking about it maybe you can't do that, as it would give an unfair advantage over other candidates.. I think maybe the difference is in information sharing. Not sure what that's all about.


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so guys this is what I got,

VR 570
QR 640
AR 580
DA 630

Average: 605.

Any advice? Is this ''ok'' ? or I should rather concentrate on unis that dont focus much on ukcat??


I know that the average is about 600~ and I know with such a low score, I should rather go for the 5year programmes, but still is that any good??
So worried. Dont know what happened I just messed up :S oh well.


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Seeing as we are all wanting to be/becoming/are doctors on here I thought this might help calm a lot of the people freaking out about the fact that everyone who posts their UKCAT score on here seems to have scored somewhere out of the stratosphere. Selection bias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Think about it. If you percieve your score to suck, or even just to be average, you aren't likely to post it on here. If, however, you score awesomely, you are much more likely to be found blowing your horn on here. Think logically about the above poll. If that was representational of the population then the average would certainly not be 600. And as this is what the UKCAT people tell us it is then it's obvious the data on here is skewed in favour of over achievers.
Absolutely right! And what I keep telling myself to make me feel better :)
Although an anonymous poll is likely to be less biased than personal posts showing scores, there is definitely still bias. Just hoping everyone found it a lot harder this year! There's no telling till it's over...


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Just finished mine - averaged 725! Am pretty amazed, but I will say that if I hadn't done all the preparation, it would have been no where near.

VR: 600
QR: 700
AR: 790
DA: 810

I thought QR was far far easier than anything in the practice questions. VR and AR were pretty much the same as practice questions, and DA was perhaps a little easier.


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I've just done my UKCAT averaged 695. VR 690, QR 670, AR 720, DA 700. I was thinking of applying to Warwick, Barts, Imperial and Liverpool/Soton for grand entry. I was wondering what people thought of my chances?

In terms of other qualifications I have MMath (1st), MSc Systems Biology and will have (hopefully) PhD in Life Sciences from Liverpool.


After worrying about the UKCAT for the past two weeks. I finally sat for it this morning. and got

VR: 640 --> I read the question first before scanning the passage for keywords and answers...but i think i could have practised more!

QR: 780 --> I guessed a few and to be honest...this score comes as a surprise to me as well coz i started panicking mid-way thru this section coz my answers dun fit the options given for some questions

AR: 870 --> in my opinion, the easiest section, easier than the two ukcat practice papers....but then again...it could be that im lucky to get the easy questions!

DA: 720 --> Translated all the codes, i will recommend doing that for the DA.

Practice definitely helped alot. But i have to say that luck is also really important. I did the UKCAT Practice paper 2 (from the website) and got less than half correct for AR. couldnt finish QR in time.......

Average: 752.5

I want to thank all those who have provided hints and tips and good luck to those who are gonna take their UKCAT soon!
Would you be able to compare all sections to the UKCAT practice papers (1 and 2). Did you do both? I found AR on the second one to be really tricky. DA was fine. VR was as expected, not sure whether to use the strategy of read the question first, or to quickly read the text to understand what is going on. Advise me? QR is horrid, I always panic so must learn to calm down. Was the real thing a fair bit easier than both practice 1 and practice 2?

Thanks for any advice :)


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I just got back from sitting my test, did pretty badly. was expecting more but this is what I got.

VR: 590
QR: 600
AR: 650
DA: 560

this brings me to an average of 600. I'm not sure of what universities to apply to now. What is recommended with a score of 600?


Phew! It's all over and I need a massive scotch.

VR: 660 (bloody hell I hate VR)
QR: 740 (panicked at the start but puller it back)
AR: 770 (was given a monster to begin with which I could even complete after coming back with 4 minutes extra time!)
DA: 810 (my best in practice and reflected here)

Average of 740.

Overall, happy but a bit annoyed with my initial panic in QR on easy questions and definitely kicking myself over VR (did I read too much into it? did I refuse to extrapolate at all this losing marks for inference?

Oh well, it's over now. Whisky time!


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Does anyone know whether a score of 642.5 is competitive for the 5 yr course? I am obviously only applying for 5 year course, so I would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me which unis would be within my UKCAT score. I have also been predicted a first so the UKCAT score is a big sucker punch lol.


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Does anyone know whether a score of 642.5 is competitive for the 5 yr course? I am obviously only applying for 5 year course, so I would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me which unis would be within my UKCAT score. I have also been predicted a first so the UKCAT score is a big sucker punch lol.
Hi Grad, I think you still have good chance in getting into Unis that don't weigh UKCAT heavily. The following Unis:

1) Keele
2) Leeds
3)Queen's uni Belfast
4)Hull York medical school
6)Brighton & Sussex Med school

Got the above info from "Graduate entry medicine - Become a medical student in the uk"

good luck with your application.