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  1. Zedd

    Applicants 2013

    Where are we then? :)
  2. Zedd

    Best options for humanities grads that don't get in first time?

    So basically I'm applying to medicine in the final year of my philosophy degree and I'm somewhat unsure what to have as a backup for medicine in case I don't get in on my first application. I would be interested in taking a postgraduate course if it were to be relevant to medicine in some way...
  3. Zedd

    Graduate Applicants in Scotland

    Just thought I'd make this thread in case there are any other graduates planning to apply to medical school up here in Scotland. It'd be nice to have some people in the same boat as me so don't be shy! ;)
  4. Zedd

    Scotland- Graduate question goodness!

    Okay maybe less goodness and more just questions u.u Been a while since I was on here and thus I am out of the loop in terms of things like funding etc and so I have some questions! 1) For graduates what exactly is the SAAS' and the NHS' position on funding? I thought that they would provide...
  5. Zedd

    Perth- Pathway to Medicine interviews

    'Ello folks, just wondering who else has recieved an interview date for the Perth Applied Science (Pathway to Medicine) course? I recieved mine today, interview date being at the end of this month!
  6. Zedd

    Admission Qs

    Lately I have been looking at the Irish universities as an option for my 2010 application and while the sites and the documents supplied are helpful I still have questions (which admissions apparently don't feel like answering). I've noticed that the trend is that Scottish applicants should...
  7. Zedd

    How many med students from access courses?

    Just curious (and I'll be asking admissions the same question) but how many of the students accepted for the '08/'09 year are from access courses which are mentioned on the website? Specifically I'm curious if any of them are from Stow College in Glasgow. Cheers for any help, Zedda
  8. Zedd

    Stow College- Medical Studies Access Course?

    I'll be contacting Stow and Perth about this but... Does anyone have any experience of the access course at Stow? The option is to goto Perth or Stow next year after I do the Access to Biological and Biomedical Science in Dundee and at this point I haven't got a scooby which would give me the...
  9. Zedd

    Access course or Highers? Feeling a tad lost.

    Hi everyone, first post so a quick intro and then onto the question. I'm 22, been out of the education system for around 6 years with the occasional stint at college but nothing that led to a qualification. I've never wanted to be something in particular, just went with my whims and upto...