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    Embarking on a medical career with a young family - good idea or not?!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old mum of 3 and I just want to say that it's so much easier once you start (although I've still got 4th & 5th yr left so maybe that's jumping the gun). I did the GPEP 1st & 2nd years in 1 year thing and it really wasn't that bad. I never worked an evening or a...
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    Transfer into Edinburgh

    Thank you so much for your reply. That's really helpful.
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    Aclands dvd

    Have you looked on e-bay? I picked a set up for under 30 GBP (no pound sign - Das Keyboard). Off topic - where does his accent come from?
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    Transfer into Edinburgh

    Hi, I need some insider help/opinions/advice on transfers. I think I read that Edinburgh only accepts transfers from Oxbridge and St Andrews. Is that the case - does anyone know of any exceptions? I realise that Edinburgh's very hard to get into in the first place so transfer must be...
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    Transfer into Peninsula

    Thanks for your help. We might have to move soon to devon or Scotland so I'm looking for a bit of advice before I approach different schools.
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    Transfer into Peninsula

    Hi, I need some insider help/opinions/advice on the possibilty of a transfer onto the courser. Does anyone know of anyone who's tranferred from another medical school into Peninsula? I'm certain it's very difficult. Has anyone got any advice or opinions on it? Is there a best year for...
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    history of medical terms

    Thanks Frank. I actually ended up with this: The Language of Medicine; A Manual Giving the… Frederick Rans Campbell: Books Looks dull but it really helps. With my choice of reading and radio station I think I'll be buying a pipe and slippers soon...
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    history of medical terms

    Hello, About this time last year there was a great radio 4 series (please, I know it's dull to listen radio 4 but it's great company and it sends my children to sleep) of the etymology of medical terms/words. I think it was based on a book but I've searched and searched and can't find it...
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    GEM students: what's it like?

    Hello, Are their any lovely GEM students who could give me an insight into what the course is like? I have a deferred place for 2009 and I was also wondering if there's anything I should/could be reading so that it's not an utter shock when I start. I have two babies under two and I think...
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    Fees/LEAs; in a muddle!

    Hello, Is there anyone who's just been through the process or is very clued up that could please spare a minute to tell me more about funding? I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I have a deffered GEM place for 2009 and no clue about who I need to contact. Do I need to talk to the...