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    I have just finished my first year at King's...what do I think of the course so far?

    I have just copied/pasted my reply to a message I received. I thought it may be useful to others, since I have received many similar messages in the past. Re: King's opinion! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by...
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    KCLSU Freshers 2007

    Hi guys! Im a 2nd year medic at King's :) and wanted to prepare you guys for FRESHERS you know what's goin on, what to bring, rough expenditure...etc Soooo you can plan ahead. The best way to keep in the loop is to join, if you are not already subscribed. Then...
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    Anatomical skeletons...

    Please could anyone recommend a place that sells anatomically correct, reasonably priced skeletons? Thank you Oh...and no jokes about killin' my grandma - I love her, damn it! :)
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    Freshers Week

    So...what kind of things do we get up to during freshers?? Im getting excited...I cant wait to move into my accomodation and all that jazz. It is the 18th Sept that we move in? OOoooh, I cant wait!! I really hope that I dont get the accomodation at the bottom of my list, but ah well its shelter...
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    Making babies!!!

    When is the best time to start to get married and start a family in the medical career path? I am on 19 years old and am not planning on getting married or pregnant during medical school but wondered, when is the best time?? (I guess it depends on your chosen specialty?)....because the...
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    Paying back student loans.

    After medical school, roughly how many years will it take to pay back student loans and tuition fees? Especially if you have attended a London med school. I am really worried about this, as I am aware I will be in around 40,000 pounds debt. Do you struggle to pay back? Please tell me of your...
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    are people left jobless in london?

    Are SOME people left JOBLESS in LONDON? Is it true that it is hard to get jobs in London after graduation because there are so many medical schools? If this is the case, is it possible to do F1/F2 years in other cities? Im just wondering...because I am finding it difficult to decide...
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    To 23rd Jan Interviewees

    Has anyone who had their interview on this day, heard anything yet? Good Luck!! xxx
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    Feedback for Kings after interview...

    Feedback from GKT after interview... My interview is on 7th Feb (next Tues) but I just wanted to know the proportion of people who get accepted after interview (roughly). I know 35% of applicants get interviewed. Many thanks!! Vote vote vote!!
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    23/11 interviews

    To those who had an interview on 23rd November (exactly two weeks ago)....HAVE YOU HEARD FROM SHEFFIELD YET!? *breathe* I hope all is well with all of you and GOOD LUCK!! xxx
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    Gold Coast applicants...

    Hey! I am a British-Ghanaian prospective medical student and was wondering whether there are any other people from Ghana applying/ studying medicine in UK? Get in touch and stay blessed! xxx
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    Reserve List...

    Hey guys! I am on the reserve list for Sheffield...Is anyone else? I am should be hearing the outcome of my Imperial interview this week, but was wondering whether there is still hope for Sheffield, if Imperial falls through for me (Hell no!!) I appreciate that there were in the order of...