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    palpable bladders

    how much urine has to be in a bladder to be palpable per abdomen? I know it will depend on the size of the patient to some extent but does anyone know roughly how much in someone of normal BMI?
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    Anyone been to Kalafong hospital (SA) for paeds?

    Am probably going there around Nov next year to do an elective in Paediatric Oncology... anyone got any tips/useful info/stories to share...? Libs
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    It's clearly renal week :D

    Yes, and it's another question about renal physiology. 1. What exactly do the cells in the macula densa sense which tells them to release more renin? More NaCl delivery? Less? Something else? 2. When there is increased angiotensin II being released, does this act to constrict a) the...
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    cell membrane question

    I've been looking at the structure of cell membranes and a question occurs... if the membrane is basically phospholipid and therefore always forms structures with no free ends (to avoid exposure of the hydrophobic core to H2O), how can a membrane of a cell merge with a vesicle during...
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    Raynaud's phenomenon

    OK, weird question.... I have a problem with clinical exams because I have really poor peripheral circulation (pretty much all the time, unless the room's really warm). It doesn''t trouble me (my fingers don't go blue and I don't get pain) but it does trouble patients! This morning, the...
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    Hypoxia & Oedema

    Can anyone confirm a negative for me, since I'm not sure whether the reason I can't find a mechanism for this in the books is because I'm not looking hard enough or because I'm right in thinking it doesn't exist! Am I right in thinking that, in the absence of any right heart failure/impaired...
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    PBL revision

    anyone got any good sites/books etc for sample questions type stuff useful for PBL course module exams? We can't get any past papers (for which read, they use the same paper over and over every year) and the finals 'test yourself' books are usually way beyond what we've done, we're only at...
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    Septic Screening - what does it show?

    One of our PBL tutors mentioned this the other day but I can't find a single book with a reference to it. I'm pretty sure it's something really simple that's just normally referred to as something else - but I have no idea what! can anyone help me out - what does septic screening show and...
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    Just had a call saying occ health want to see me tomorrow..... <gulp> anyone else been? Apparently I have to see the doctor, not just the nurse - is that normal for Georges? my crb arrived ok, so I guess it's just this hurdle to pass :-)
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    Confirmed places for GEP

    For those of us who aren't pending any a level/degree results but who are pending a CRB check and Occ Health clearance, does anyone know when we get our confirmed places? Presumably not on 18th? I seem to remember something about Georges not even sending off CRB forms until late August (I've...
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    Diary of a 20-something insomniac....

    have been reading these for a while and thought it was finally time for a little vanity publishing of my own..! Tonight, actually, the impetus is mainly utter boredom as I sit here facing an all-nighter with a printing machine :-( To explain that (since it sounds slightly disturbing!) my...