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    Am I the only one still waiting to hear?

    Just thought I'll give an update. I STILL haven't heard anything so contacted Leicester today, they say all should hear by end of this week. If you have an interview on 18 or 19th Feb you should also hear around this week. Well, here we go.... All the best to those still waiting to hear:confused:
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    Am I the only one still waiting to hear?

    Just checking if there are any very "mature" students still waiting to hear from Leicester GEP. I only received an online acknowledgement and haven't't heard any more.... trying not to worry..... If anyone is in the same boat it'll be reassuring to know. I know they say till end of feb to be...
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    Any Kaplan Bmat books and pass papers for sale?

    I know it's early but has anyone got BMAT Kaplan books for sale. Pls pm me if you have the most up to date with pass papers....
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    Any advice for UKCAT flop!

    Thank you so much kenndellhannah and Martigan, I will definitely look up and weigh my options. I forgot about the pharmacy part!!!!!!!! It is probable I will have to sit the Gamsat and re-take the Ukcat (i want to remain in London if poss) so I'm remaining hopeful but realistic.....:)
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    Any advice for UKCAT flop!

    I messed up badly on VR and ended up with a very low score! Ave score of 653, all other sections in 700 or more. Can't believe it! I think I panicked too much. I am still applying JUST for the experience and hoping to find FAVOUR.......but which Uni will be ideal for a mature applicant...
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    2013 GEM Applicants

    I sincerely empathise with you cactus_farmer, but please do not be dishearten by your experience of rejections etc.. Additionally as healthcare professional myself, its very normal to get fed-up with the daily grind and pressures but ultimately if you are passionate about helping and caring for...
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    UKCAT VR help!!

    Hi snakefisch, Yeah, with a little one i find realistically mornigns are best when i know the whole place is quiet and he is fast asleep. Used the technique at uni with my pharmacy degree. Mind you it doesn't always work... as occasionally i hit the snooze button till i have to prep for...
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    UKCAT VR help!!

    Thanks for the ideas guys, looks like i'm gonna try medify (website makes generous promises) nearer the exam, then perhaps emedica as someone else suggested. All the best with revision everyone...i'm just about managing to squeeze in an hour and half of study before work daily...
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    UKCAT VR help!!

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any one else has noticed the same problem or i just need more revision! Comparatively the 600UKCAT book VERBAL REASONING SECTION makes more sense than the ACE Medicine online as where the book clearly states good arguements for an answer, when i apply the...
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    Unclassified / 2:2 degree, 29 and desperate for advice

    Wow!!!!! I just HAD to reply to your last comment Littleblue. I think your last statement alone proves that you have made a complete change in your career plans and you are passionate about persuing medicine. I sincerely wish you all the best and you are in the right forum for continued...
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    Do universities accept online a levels?

    Dotvicky you seem really passionate about your studies, and thank you for your honesty. Being a single mother myself i am a little anxious but also excited about going in to medicine. Just wanted to ask, how did you prepare for your UKCAT exams. Also how much work experince did you do? i'm a...
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    How old is too old?

    single mum, 32years, pondering med-sch I am 32years old and considering applying next year, for entry 2013. Been working as a Pharmacist for 7 years so i hope thats enough experience!!!! I was initially worried about the age issue aswell. i'm also stuck in-between choosing the 5year(longer...