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    Graduate applicants to 2013 5 Year course

    Hi, I'm a graduate and have applied to Keele to start in 2013. Just wondering whether there are any other graduates who have applied, as I have not heard a thing from Keele! I didn't know if they are looking at undergraduates first and then graduates. Thanks! =)
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    Hi, I've applied to do graduate entry medicine at Birmingham, but I'm just wondering how accommodation is given out. For lectures etc I guess it's pretty straightforward, but on placements far from the campus, is free accommodation provided at the hospital or do we have to sort it out...
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    Birmingham Graduate entry MMI Interview

    Hi, I have an interview for the Birmingham graduate entry medicine course. I've read the information on the website and have been making notes on possible questions too. Does anybody have any tips from the MMI interview or similar interviews? What are the role play stations like? I've read...