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  • Hey iceman, yeah I decided not to bother in the end, with year 3 just now coming into view on the horizon I feel much more motivated on the PMS course. Once you finally feel like you have some control over your AMK scores everything seems to slot into place - with the exception of the ISCEs lmao, that's still one big fear fest.

    I just read your message below....its been tried by a number of individuals including myself. But I think your better off staying. 1. The course gets MUCH better in year 3. 2. To transfer you need extenuating circumstances and its VERY competitive. 3. Chances are you wont get it, because last year i can think of 6 people in year 2 who tried to transfer from PMS to Kings with only one of them getting an interview (but he actually had extenuating circumstances but he still didnt get iin)
    Hey guys,

    I believe GKT it is possible for some students from other medical schools to apply to transfer to King's College from another medical school for their final 3 clinical years.

    I am going into my second year at Peninsula Medical School and whilst I love the school, the policy of having to move campus every few years from one city to another will make my life very difficult after this academic year. Also, I wish to specialise in infectious disease and obtain a masters in tropical medicine; there are no consultants in infectious disease or tropical medicine in the entire south west. In London I'll be able to enroll at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and there are obviously far more opportunities in ID.

    I was wondering, what are the GKT criteria for transferring, how likely is it my app will be accepted and coming from Peninsula, might I experience any difficulties fitting into your 3rd year?

    I'm told I can fill out the app this september.
    Hi Yixian i read your story of 'it can be done'.

    I'm 15 now and really want to become a doctor. Your story really brightened up my day:p I sometimes wonder what will happen if i don't manage to get even one interview after A levels.

    I'm kinda like you, chemistry is not my strong point, however i've been predicted an A at GCSE but my first modular was a low B - so not too good i am retaking it. Biology first modular was A* so am fine in that:p I have applied for college and have put Chemistry down as one of my options. The thing is i don't want to mess it up like you did(not being rude). However if i do not take Chemistry AS level and A level i will be reducing my choice of uni. Not many uni's accept no chemistry do they...

    Anyways your story was really inspiring thanks a lot, and any advice would be very very helpful - because i am hearing so many stories it would be good to hear the truth from someone who has made it.

    cannot state enough well done - i hope i make it one day :)
    There's not really a link to register with the red cross you just go to redcross.co.uk, find your local branch and call up. You do have to pay for your accommodation and airfare, but check dialaflight.com for plane tickets and if you pick a country like India or somewhere in Africa, accommodation can be extremely cheap anyway.
    so that means you pay your airfare and accomodation yourself?how long was your voluntary work?and could you send me the link to become a red cross member?thank you very much
    I was a member of the red cross, they don't send untrained people like I was abroad officially but I managed to get in touch with a red cross branch in Kampala, Uganda and arrange work experience myself. That's the cheapest and most authentic way of getting that kind of experience, organising it yourself, but it's tough, you have to keep on at people.

    Good luck!
    hi yixian, i would like to ask, what humanitarian organisation you had joined? I am waiting for my dentistry admission at australia, but they will only inform me next jan.. So i got around 5 months, what should i do?
    That it is! :D The only ideology I have no respect for is apathy! hehe :) Hey so looking forward to Peninsula? I can't wait..
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