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Jul 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
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Bored housewife/student

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May 11, 2013
    1. Renée 221b
      Renée 221b
      I am studying psycholog, sociology and English literature for A levels. I would like to be a psychiatrist but have found out I need to study medicine to do so. Is there chance to be accepted into any uni with these graded. I'd really appreciate some advice. Sorry to be brief only allowed so many characters. Thank you.
    2. doormat
      Hi Tangliss,

      Sorry to bother you with this, but I remember reading somewhere that someone said you knew which universities accept the Open University qualifications.

      I have HYMS and Nottingham to start with, but obviously need another two, if possible?

      Thanks for your time,
    3. ! Foodie
      ! Foodie
      I love Scrubs, glad ABC picked up the show, it's good to see Courtney Cox on the show too, what do you think?
    4. tuhinb
      Thanks for replying! Oh wow, the course sounds very interesting itself, I just hope I get a chance to prove myself now with an interview. You must have had quite a bit of free time then, apart of exam times of course :)
      Are you writing a dissertation for the BMedSci degree? I think that balances out the extra year at Lincoln, as normally you would have to take a year out to do BMedSci :)
      Anyway thanks for all your help, I will keep the forum updated on any more news, Tuhin.
    5. tuhinb
      Hey Tangliss, i just wanted to know about yor experience from the certificate in health science. For example what sort things did you study e.g. practicals etc, and what were the people and city like? Also hows medicine at Notts going? Thanks, Tuhin :)
    6. Ernie-The_Doc
      The little macca has a big task then :)
    7. Ernie-The_Doc
      :O >10,000 posts....that's more than Gizmo...
    8. Azamat
    9. DeShaunHolton
      Hey, you closed somebody's weblog :(
    10. Kinkerz

      I have e-mailed Nottingham about this, but I'd like to get the questionnaire back to them as quickly as possible, and they must be busy so are taking their time getting back to me.

      Wondering if you could answer this question for me:
      There are five work experience sections on the questionnaire. I have done two work experience placements and a volunteer placement. Seeing as though the title is work experience, should I put my volunteering details in, or just work experience details in? Some people are putting both work experience and voluntary work in, others are purely putting work experience in.

      Thanks Tangliss.
    11. TomChouse
      do you think that there are some uni's that will accept any science GCSE at a grade B?
    12. TomChouse
      omg thnk you sooo much
      can i just ask though ..what if i (for some) reason ended up getting a 'b' in one or more of the sciences would i still stand a chance at any uni's
      oh and just how much do uni's take gcse's into consideration because i am really worried :S
      i am sure my results wont be bad. i know i will get no lower than a b in anything.
    13. TomChouse
      hi, sorry for interupting
      but im 15 and i'm doing my gcse's this year, i was wondering if i could get some friendly advice from somone...
      i am predicted to get a's and b's
      i'm doing triple science
      i have already done 2 science exams in year 10 (b1a and b1b etc.)
      got ok marks but am hoping to do better overall.
      i am very worried that my gcse's might not be a* quality and just need either some reassurance or advice please.
    14. sv0918
      what is notts gcse policy in detail please?
    15. Jimco

      I was just reading a really old thread and was wondering if maybe you could help with some questions I don't feel so confident with?

      If possible do let me know & I'll PM you.

      Thank you
    16. Zabier
      Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I was looking at the thred on access to medicine and am realy interested in this link you submitted

      But it doesn't seem to work!
      Could you give me a gist of what it was about please?
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    Jul 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
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    Bored housewife/student
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    Passed cert sci course, starting Notts on 25th!

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