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  • hi. how are you? i am a kenyan doctor recently graduated from nairobi university and would like you help. whats the procedure to get into a residency in obstetrics and gyneacology? and usmle?
    Would you know about the process of getting credentialed in the UK for Ophthalmology? I know that it is necessary to apply through PMETB, do these applications have much success? I am in charge of getting my boss credentialed in the UK. He is a well trained (specialization at Harvard) surgeon with much experience. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult, I am just worried about including enough documentation so that they recognize his expertise. The wording for all of the forms can be a bit confusing as well, I just want to be doing things correctly. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
    Hello hello.. i'm sure you get bombarded with questions about studying/working in the US, but just one quick question.. I'm starting at Southampton this September, but after a gap year I now know that I want to work in the States after the course. I understand that doing research (especially in America) is an advantage, so I don't suppose you could recommend ways of applying for a summer research programme in America?
    Thank you,
    Hello Scottish Chap....No we have not communicated before, but from reading the threads you seemed the most knowledgable about the subject of concern. I would really like if you tell me what GPA did WES give you and what uk percentage that was. Wcmc in Qatar wants that evaluation by wes and you do not need a citizenship to study there...its still the same quality as american degree, just the campus is not in the USA. I got a 63% in a 2.1 but thats only counting 25% of the second and 75% of the third year. It was hinted that in calculating the GPA they will take all years into account.....is that true? If that is true then that is good news as I will go up to a 69% average if I take the first, second and third years all equaly.

    Cheers for your help, I appreciate it.
    cheers scottish chap. No I don't have U.S. citizenship. I am focusing now on british schools because it will be easier to get in after researching. I am still going to take the MCAT and apply for WCMC in Qatar (Cornell in Qatar).
    Dear Scottish Chap

    I have read one of your posts made way back in 2005 about how you got accepted into medical school in the US.

    I am now in the same boat you were in. I just graduated from manchester BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, with a 2.1 (although was expected a first but really messed up a couple of my exams and got like 25%'s in each) and I am serious about applying to medical school in the USA. One of the reasons for that is because I am already an international student here in the uk and graduating from medical school in uk does not gurantee me practise, i believe it is easier in the USA to practise after graduating from there.

    What class did you get in your degree?

    I done A levels prior to my degree and those went quite well, done physics, chemistry, bio and math.

    I am currently preparing for MCAT, only have two months of preparation unfortunately..

    Do I need to worry about my low 2.1 (63%).....took me a long time to get over it as I was expecting a first and it is really annoying me now considering that to be competitive in US you need a 3.7 GPA and a 2.1 is like a 3.5 tops which is what I deduced from my limited research. I am so confused, I would really appreciate if you tell me how did that agency you were talking about in your post evaluate your 2.1 or first to be equal to?

    Also did your Phd help you in gaining admission? I am expecting to do a masters...

    Please any guidance will be really appreciated.

    I really want to get into medical school
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