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  • I'm sorry about that Samantha :( It sucks, I know.
    You've got other schools left though, so are still in with a great chance :)
    Well I got rejections from Leeds and BSMS, so that has ruled out any chance of us being in the same year group at the same Medical School...
    Still waiting for a response from Keele post-interview. Wish they'd hurry up!
    Your application is looking okay. You should get an interview at Cardiff because of your GCSEs, Leeds have recently slowed down after sending a load of rejections out; so you may well have a shot there! You still have a great shot.
    I know what you mean about coming on here, but I like to know what's going on, etc.
    All the best :D
    Mine seems pretty good, although I'm not applying for deferred entry any more, so have three lines to work with where I talked about my ex-reasons for a gap year. Filling it up when you're so used to cutting down is much harder than you think!
    Yeah Leeds is my first choice by miles. Two 1000+ bed hospitals, great accommodation, top city and a course that sounds great!
    It's sounding good, at least it is for a first draft, I do need to cut down by 600 characters though!
    Aww really? I think it's going to be mine :)
    Leeds is my first choice! Then Nottingham, Manchester and BSMS are my other three. Although I have been looking at swaping Nottingham for Keele, because of my low UKCAT.
    How's the PS coming along?
    By the way: relatively poor GCSEs, not great AS, weak(ish) A2 predictions, horrible UKCAT.

    Where did you get the "rather good application" bit from? =P
    Biology - 237 B
    Chemistry - 236 B
    Psychology - 214 B
    Physics - 185 C
    General Studies - 226 B

    It's certainly not a great application, but I like to think I have a chance.
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