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  • Hey! Not been on here in a while. Yeah everything is ok. Getting a bit stressed though. Now I don't know. I was thinking it may be an idea to get post reg experience and get some kind of work ethic and enjoy earning some money. In my second year I applied to an access to medical studies course, and if Im going to be called for interview Ill hear in January (according to chit chat from other applicants on this website). I dont know what the best thing at present to do is. Have decided should probably just concentrate on my studies and worry about choices later. Hows yourself?? xx
    Hellp Pauline.
    Its Sarah here. Not sure if you'll remember me, but Im currently at GCU in 4th year. Hows the journey going?
    All the best,

    Hey Pauline,

    Its Elizabeth here, I dont know if you remember me - we met at the Dundee open day?

    Just read though your blog on the weblogs page tonight and have seen that you had to turn down the Aberdeen place!
    Im gutted for you, but I really admire your decision - took alot of guts to stand back and say no for now!

    Im willing you on to get the dream, I know exactly how it feels to see doctors on the ward and think "That could/should/WILL be me"!

    Hang on in there and look at it as you are storing up knowledge for the future :D Hope neuro is still going well?

    All the best,

    Hi there,

    hope you dont mind me mailing you. i am considering applying for aberdeen, i am a nurse with five plus years post grad experience and currently doing a masters in anaesthetics, i also have a 2:1. Do you have science a levels? . just wanted to know if thats a requirement as i emailed them and they where not very helpful. Their website is a bit vague.

    Hope you can shed some light
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