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  • msaramago... remember me from years ago? my boredom during summer break has led me back to newmediamedicine to have a glance at the hopeful students who want to get into medicine.. how have u been ??
    Apply to Leicester this time round. Then we can stay in the library and make up rhymes all day :D

    Sorry about your rejections :( Would have a rhyme, but I just don't have the time to make you smile (like a mime) :)
    heya, how are things? sorry i havent been in touch for a while! well done on your edinburgh bio offer. how did your interview go last month? x
    Sou uma estudante de Oxford GEP (o curso para que Aims tem uma oferta...), do primeiro ano (e este forum me ajudou muito o ano pasado)...e quis dizer boa sorte :) Tenho visto que es de Portugal, e eu estou a aprender Portugues...Simplesmente necesitam mais estudantes de Portugal aqui para que possam ensinar-me como falar melhor...neste momento nao ha ninguem aqui com que falar :) Entao, boa sorte...
    thank you so much :)
    a very happy christmas to you too!
    i've got everything crossed that we could be in oxford together next year!! gooood luck!
    and well done on your results btw! :D
    awww dont worry at all! i'm fed up of trying to learn loads of science that i haven't studied yet so i think i'll just leave it now, keep up to date with my new scientist and reading and hope for the best :) how has all your preparation been? so are we going to arrange a nmm meet-up?
    omg well done on your great bmat scores! especially the 12 in section three...impressive stuff! ready for oxford?
    Haha...Crap that was for Failbridge haters eyes only. And no, you're not totally screwed. Although Oxford doesn't really focus on Clinical skills in the first 3 years, it does equip you for a more academic based career route in Medicine. Plus the tutorial system is great (2 to 3 people with a specialist every week) not to mention the feel of a small college with the resources of one of the worlds most renowned universities!

    Plus you can always come to London for your clinical training!
    Good luck with your Oxford interview. Brush up on your science, they like to grill people on that. ;)
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