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  • cool, like i said i can get there pretty much anytime so give me a shout and i'll swing by and grab a beer with you.
    So great to hear from you! Am so pleased you are happy and proud of an ex-Mancat-er doing so well with your exam passes!! A massive well done and congratulatory hug from me!!
    I'm fine, Manchester going very well - feels weird to think I'm in the final stage of the preclinicals now. I can't believe how quick it's going.
    It won't be long before we are both doctors!!
    Keep on enjoying it! You will love dissection, it's such a great way to learn anatomy and a real privilege to go to a med school that still does it.
    Love and luck!
    hi, i hope u r doing well. has cardiff confirmed your place? i talked to Zack a few days ago and he told me his place hasnt been confirmed yet. it is just a matter of time now.
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