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Jul 10, 2012
    1. MedicineBoy
      Hey kensei! I hope you are still having a great holiday! I for once am having a very lazy one! i think im going to fail my exams to be honest with you, ive been skipping classes lol. surely they can revoke my offer?
      And just out of interest, when do we get to use/practice using stethoscopes and when do we buy them?

      peace out!

    2. MedicineBoy
      Hey Kensei thanks for your help earlier this month, and you might be happy to know that ive firmed Aberdeen '10! Im really looking forward to it! I also have another question to ask you if you dont mind answering. I read a couple of previous threads about dissection and how the anatomy part is moving or something, which really confused and im just wondering, do aberdeen do dissection from 2010?
    3. bluesunshine
      hi kensei thanks for reply to my question.just so you know im not a med student im a nurse but my ex is a med student at bristol thats how i know bout the site

      my parents have gone through the process of bequething themselves to liverpool med school however a few months ago have moved to scotland and are looking for a scottish med school which offers the service as im their executor i said id help ( they both have a morbid fear of being buried alive.. spooky but true!!!)
      i know its a big ask but do you know of a name or phone number to contact to start the process at aberdeen.... as theres alot of form filling to do if i remember correctly from when they did it at liverpool... they are only in their early 60s so no immediate rush hopefully but they want to get it sorted again as soon as possible...... many many thanks julia xxxxx
    4. Svefn-G-Englar
      Hullo there,

      I'm a first year medic at Aberdeen as well, just wondering who you are :P
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    Aberdeen Uni - MBChB year 5

    "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.”
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