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    Why does high blood sugar make diabetics sleepy?

    2,3-diphosphoglycerate, regulator of oxygen binding curve. And don't worry about not knowing things, it's much more fun to find out new things. PS! Don't know about diabetes, but with normal people. High blood sugar - high insuline - uptake of glycose and aminoacids by cells - less...
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    Which textbooks would you recommend?

    wouldn't really bother with buying preclinical textbooks if you have a good library. Murray Review of Medical Microbiology or whatever is good for revision and studying, but it's just test questions. Haven't had a chance to see the textbook, use ones in my native language. Harrison's...
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    What Is It Like Being A Med Student? Ups:) and Down:(

    anatomy sucks, red bull helps
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    Whats appropriate?

    It is such a personal matter, but since you yourself brought it out and since i already expressed my opinion. first of all, we probably come from completely different environments, since i am not learning in Britain. However, i stand by opinion and my principles. I believe they are rather...
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    Whats appropriate?

    over reacting... my sister would give me a bitch slap if i brought something similar up. there is no reason for it though. does pole dancing really make her a worse nurse? and i bet she does not wear the same attire to work... and by the way, the bit about you sharing the same name...
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    Med School Result

    yeah sorry for the off topic part, I was just answering to the speeches regarding the nobility of the profession and what not. This kind of speak can also be rather tiering. And you are right, his question was something different, apologize.
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    Med School Result

    people are scaring you... it is not as hard as it seems it gets harder as time goes by, but i suppose you also get used to it(as I hear) plus, don't forget, although not all, most things are rather interesting and you will be reminded of your responsibilities from time to time and it sinks in...
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    Confused about retroperitoneal structures.

    my post was saying the opposite, but never mind. and i doubt it if mouse has a duodenum much longer than 20 centimeters, you might confuse it with intestinum tenua as a whole. Even if a mouse does, than humans dont. Have held a few in my hands.
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    Confused about retroperitoneal structures.

    hornet, are you sure the lengths of the parts you gave are accurate? duodenum shouldn't really be much longer than 20 cm
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    big problem

    you asking for a medical condition? Alzhaimer's or Parkinson okey, bit cruel it can happen to anyone. if you can make it til summer, just rewise the basics or if you can't, start doing it now
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    The importance of studying and getting good grades

    umm... I read the long message... From a rethorical point of view, it is excellent(I can imagine how you might resite it for a huge audience and they would be in tears and deep in thoughts) However, is there a med student in the WORLD, who has gone for medicine or desires to do so and does...
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    For anatomy revision just go through the terminology. If you have studies it, you should remember the positions and functions etc. once you revise the terminology, no? probably should not make too big statements, since I am still in the middle of the course myself...
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    I want to be a doctor but I dislike science.

    In my personal opinion. Medicine is based on different sciences. I dare to doubt if the sciences you learn even resemble the sciences you learned at high school after the 1st year. Plus, a very important thing about sciences is, including physics and chemistry I suppose you have based this...
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    trembling hands...

    Hi, I would think there are more people among med students with trembling hands than just me... Before I started medical school it didn't really bother me much, since It is not like a Parkinson tremble, but it makes work in the laboratories rather uncomfortable... To be frank the only...
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    Google Body: 3d anatomy atlas

    oh common, do you really think the google body is gonne give you a realistic view of an operation? including internal hemorrhages and what not? I doubt it... but yeah, probably not even competent enough to participate into such debates :P Still a first course student and haven't even reached...