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  • Hellooooooooooooooooo. Are you still there or have you taken early retirement now??? No one seems to know where you vanished too and the forum isn't the same without your comments :)

    i am alive, macca!

    i was just on an extended break from the course.

    best of luck wif the packing.

    You still alive? Of have the exams killed you? You're posting less than me at the moment!!?!

    Is it Dr Gizmo now?
    I saw a few pictures online from the screening :) and they were there, but they must've left before you got there :(. Oh dear, I can imagine the ice must've been quite bad!
    Aww that's nice of you to say :) but then your real identity would be revealed! :p
    ahhh, gorgeous George the werewolf was not there macca :(
    nor Mitchell. i was a bit late cos of ice, mind so i might ave missed em hehe.

    you shouldda come shazz i 'ad a spare ticket sorri.
    Oh wow, I'm so envious! :P How was it?
    The rest of us mere mortals have to wait til Sunday :( but that must've been amazing seeing it there. Ooh did you see Aidan or Russel?
    Happy New Year to you too! and recognise: :P
    aaahhh, macca, fank you fank (very very kind yes)

    i seen it already hehehe.
    (went to the pre-screening last nite at the Curzon Mayfair London. and nearly met Lenora hehehe.
    Gizmo! Read a while back you watch Being Human....and the new series starts on Sunday :D really excited!
    Haha, I'm sure you're not *that* old yet :)

    How's everything going? I dont even know what year of medicine you're in? I finished year 1 by the way :) and it seems like only yesterday we were discussing cryogenics :O (dont tell me you've forgotten because then its memory loss due to old age too...macca). :p
    Glad you understood what I meant by don't write in my blog. But really Gizmo?
    ahh, i will tell u then, macca, but only to you.

    cos of freeek freek echtep frew frew nuiiii nuiiii mechips, nuno bettencourt me frew frew nui.
    I'm very curious, what do you always write the way you do. Is that aim to imitate a specific accent ?

    NB :english is not my first language.
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