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    Ooh hope it went well :)

    Argh mine have gone disastrously so far, partly my fault due to the lack of the revision and partially because so much rubbish like interprofessional stuff came up :/ Ahh well, I gave it my all. Will just wait for the results now.
    I should be revising, I have my OSCE on Wednesday eek!!

    Hope yours are going well :)
    lol...nice attempt at trying to make my rejection sound better.
    first choice is warwick.
    clinical biochemistry masters is linked with birmigham uni, but you are placed in a west midlands hospital. only 4 places available this year. oh yay! i always choose the difficult ones.
    warwick, cardiff and soton.
    am manically trying to re-write ps based on clinical biochem. ugh.
    I have no worries....Plus, I have only just come back online after a long period of examage.
    I had a rejection from the keele traitors.
    Apart from that nothing else. Keep kinda forgetting i applied as i am very keen on doing an MSc in clinical biochem.
    Hows your app? :)
    you look like him? or you are incredible? and in what sense are you incredible? thats quite a sweeping statement... ;)
    lol...you spam my page with pictures boy! yet you still have not proven your 'manly' self with a picture, instead you post pictures of kitties. :p
    n'night for now x
    i lied? about what? i dont remember lying. I just started reading your blog, i just admitted it in your blog, dont hate me :(
    I had an absolutely fabulous christmas :D
    oh yes, lol, i do...

    ...thanks :) thats really sweet...and you say that I win all the time, so double thanks :)
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