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  • Sorry dear! I'm bad at replying to everything... Cambridge only just got their letters which had stern due dates weeks ago :|

    Thanks though :D I'm good, very good. Just resting for a couple weeks before i have to start a med degree (ARGH SCARY)

    Et vous?
    hello! My name is Sam. I was wondering if you could read my PS for me. My email is magicsam3@googlemail.com I won't be offended if you say you've got better things to do!

    Thank you!
    Hey long time no speak, can't believe its less than a month.

    You see keeping the messege would just remind me I have an 8 year old after my blood.

    Just got home from a weekend in exeter, stalking st lukes campus and rowancroft. It's odd, the interview seems so long ago. The whole smoking debate passed the time...I guess you'd be pretty annoyed if someone messed with your ciggarettes?

    Have you been to Barcelona yet? I saw this amazing grate in Exeter, no kidding it had music coming out of it! And yes I was sober when I found it but a musical grate can't really rival Barcelonan architecture but its a lot of fun!
    dont you feel jealous of all these kiddies opening their results envelopes? it's just all exciting and im sat in my room with my boring uncondi offer! nothing to celebrate tonight!
    Well I didn't read the manga until the episodes got to filler and I couldn't wait anymore for the anime to come out. So I started reading the manga, it's what happens with all the anime I love. Plus it's a great way to watch new anime.
    I suggest you check out www.onemanga.com
    Filler = episodes that aren't in the original manga and have no relevance to the main plot what so ever. You'll soon reach those episodes when you finish watching Ichigo fight against the 4th captain.
    Lol I'm a Wedic (wannabe medic)
    And hopefully I'll be a med student this year if my results go well tomorrow.
    So what about you?
    And aren't you annoyed that the anime is on filler now >.< Just when it's about to get good. Well at least the manga is still active =P.
    those are some horrib chocs. u get the proper stuff ud luv them.

    true u dont get the big gap between staff in a nursing home and in many ways it's more homey since u get to know every1. but after a 12hr shift of lifting, bending over, washing, feedin and watching people rapidly deteriorate u just want to go home sit in front of the TV and die till the next morning. lol ive no complaints ive learned alot doing the job but would i do it again? no no no
    woah woah! hang on a second you're not saying that you rather have a slice of mold product than a piece of smoooth heaven created by the master chocolatier! thats insane! have you even tried the dark lindt pleasure? i think not

    anyways id get that book then. should be an interestin read.

    what you're doing these days anyway? apart from gettin hi on tea
    u still work as an agent? (sounds cooler than it is, doesnt it?)

    ur askin me whether im going to miss the residents who i have cared for in the past year, washed and dressed them day by day, seen them suffer illness and followed them to recovery, been their friend and companion, those who have grown fond of me and blessed me with their prayers? ummmm... no not at all ive already given in my notice 2 months in advance and cant wait to leave lol
    dont write on your own wall please. it wont appear in my profile lol

    no im reading a book on churchil and he helped to establish the state of israel. its interesting. there's also this book which has caught my eye... umm i think it was called Trust me im a junior doctor or smth in that lines. i want to try to get hold of that if poss. should be an interestin read befor startin med school. on the other hand i try to avoid anythin which might put me off so im a bit hesitant.

    it mite take about 2hrs if you drive but since i havent got a car the train is the best next option.
    as long as the beach is involved id do anything. saying that it took me 4.5 hrs to get to plymouth from Bournemouth and Soton's even further away. I hope there's a quicker way.

    btw what happened to your irish application?
    nice one.. i dont know how can so many go for self catered. I didnt even apply to one. personally it was a health issue for me, nutritional deficiency was too big of a risk to take.

    Im doing great. believe it or not still workin at the nursing home but only 2 more weeks and id b off to Barcelona! heh for a week of pleasure lol

    oh its been so long since i came on nmm it feels weird when i think back to the time with no offers! oh god how the hell did i survive those cold dark months!

    anyways but it all turned out supa for all of us. *sigh*

    the stethoscope has been amasing! I have used it on a few friends. they thought i only had the medical interest behind it lol

    I start on 2nd of October. I have the whole Sept to myself. and im not complainin a bit.

    glad your ok
    hey i just discovered this wall thing on NMM. i should have been away for too long.
    Hull? me? NO im off to Southampton my friend. and everything's confirmed and ready. Single bedroom Catered with a washbasin! ha ha Ill get my food on a plate.
    how are you doin Nadz? did you manage to get Exeter camp in the end?
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