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  • Hi Clarkey, I am from Canada & scheduled for an interview in Feb at Southampton. Do you have any suggestions of where to stay around the area? Thanks so much for your help!
    quick question, im from the isle of wight. will they give any sort of extra priority to people who are pretty local and know how life is like in southampton, and appreciate the location. or do they treat everyone the same for the admisson.?
    wow! Jamaica my frend is hot hot hot! reagge reagge sauce! mwuuh ! lol
    that's fantastic. i still haven't decided where ill be going. how did u choose it anyway? are there a group of you from Soton?

    that's fantastic. it's not even work is it. you're basically takin a two month long holiday at the expense of the uni.

    keep it up
    come back safe
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