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  • Hey dude, I read one of your posts from a while back saying that you applied again after doing your A levels. I'm doing that too after being rejected last year. I got AAB (Chem, Bio, Maths), got any tips on where to apply? Also, what GCSE/A levels grades did you get? I'm applying to UEA aswel, is it hard to get into? Cuz a couple of ppl I know got rejected after an interview. Thanks :)
    Hey Benneh my names Darren, Im a new member n im gona apply for medicine in october to Manchester and barts, I was just wondern what gcses/ a levels u got just so i can get a perspective of what im up against please. :)
    Ahh well i dont blame you for not coming then! but saying that a friend travelled all the way to London from Manchester to have a look around accommodation...now thats dedication for you lol
    Yeah that is SO true. everyone who i've spoken to seems to want to go there but those two halls do sound as though they are probably amongst the best. I'm guessing what everyone says will be pretty much the same but yeah its always good to just gather an overall opinion so you know what to expect. Anyway the open events this saturday so you'll be hearing about it all very soon.
    I'd rather not say who i am on here coz anyone can see this but im probably the only one without a pic if that narrows things down. But yeah i'll pop along to say hi sometime soon... just that im trying to wean myself off facebook before exams so havent been on it as much as usual coz otherwise im just there for hours and hours on end! x
    Ooo i'll be looking at en-suite too but still not sure whether to go for catered or self-catered! so you're definitely not coming then? but yeah i'll be looking at those you've mentionned along with a couple of others i have my eye on so i'll make sure i look around properly.
    haha a pad and paper to write notes... you sure you dont want me to take a camera to take pics as well :p i can see it already..i'll be like one of those sterotypical chinese tourists who take pics of absolutely EVERYTHING, scribbling down every word that is said lol
    And haha nooo i'm telling you now i simply refuse to take any responsibilty if you end up in crappy halls so upto to you how you take what i say....you can decide to trust me ...or not. but just for the record i like to think i like to think i can be trusted ;)
    Just joined your group now and inivted a couple of friends who are also hoping to go to manchester tooo :) you know what i was actually loooking for a manchester medics 09 facebook group when i got my offer but couldnt find one. thought it was just me being extra keen but obviously not ..you seem to have beaten me on the keeness factor haha x
    yeah i kinda understand. i'm always complaining about 6th form but i know im going to miss it next year even though uni should be great and im really looking forward to it. as strange as it may sound i've actually loved my time in both high school and sixthform and i know i wouldnt have wanted to go anywhere else... though i wouldnt go as far as calling myself a learning geek :p

    good good! i wasnt sure if i'd explained properly before and i didnt want to feel responsible for making you trek all the way here from wherever you live with idea that it was going to be this information-packed day when in fact it really isnt...so just thought i'd make sure :)
    I'm guessing you'll probably have received more info about it through e-mail and post though anyway now coz i got some a few days ago. have you decided whether you're gonna go yet? im almost definitely going so sure i'll make sure to share the juciest of the info with you if you decide not to come haha...though i don't think there is actually gonna be much info - probably just more of a chance to look round and see everything first-hand. x
    haha - 'the fun ones'!
    anyway before i start rambling on just thought id clear things up about the 15th coz dont think i explained it very well :S
    basicallly its not like a structured day where you have to be there at 10am and leave at 4pm. you can just turn up whenever between 10 and 4 and all the accommodation places will open for you to have a look round...so its not actually 6hrs long unless you decide to stay for that longg. So yeah that was it really...i just thought i was a bit ambigious when explaining and wanted to make sure you hadn't got the wrong end of the stick!
    Anyway, have fun choosing accomodation :)
    Yeah luckyy indeed! Hopefully i'll be at that stage too by september :) missing the grades never seemed like a worry before. it was just getting the offer that seemed to be such a big hurdle but now i'm here the thought of exams is a bit daunting! But yeahh hard work does pay off. Just trying to relax and enjoy the last free(ish) hols i have before revision begins to take over my life!
    Which subjects did you do, if you don't mind me asking?

    Just checked for youu and yep i was right - the accommodation open day is on the 15th march. It starts at 10:00am til 4:00pm and you don't need to book or anything so you can just turn up :)

    yeah i absolutely agree but speaking to people who have stayed at home for uni, they said that it didnt actually affect their social life much... so i dunno. But saying that i live quite a way out from the city centre so it probably would be better to move into halls. anyway i'm need to have a look round halls first before i make decisions! x
    I'm in my final year at sixthform so yess currently slugging away at A2s, as you put it :)
    Wish I already had my grades though like you do! Im guessing that means you're offers are pretty much unconditional.
    It still feels like ive got such a long way to go but im SO grateful for getting in this time round...I was actually beginning to plan my gap year lol.... Just need to get the grades now!

    Haha well apparently there's an accomodation open day in March (can't remember the exact date but something like 15th i think). I might be going with a friend but i'll check the date if you want to know? Don't think thats the same as a medicine open day though :confused:
    But yeah i think you best bet is to see what the admissions lady says coz i'm probably gonna end up confusing you in my attempt to help!

    Well i havent quite decided yet whether im gonna move into halls or stay at home but if i moved into halls its between the same two you mentionned. I can see the pros and cons of both fallowfield and whitworth park locationwise but i definitely need to have a look round inside before i decide! x
    Woww thats reallly good how you've managed to basically turn your life around. I hate it when people use their childhood as an excuse for why they have messed up their WHOLE life up but what you've done is really quite admirable :)
    Is this your first time applying for medicine then?
    Ohh and im a A-leveller btw - just in case you hadnt guessed ;)

    Haha that actually made me laugh out loud! Worried about the accomodation much?? But haha don't worry you're not gonna be stuck in a hallway in sleeping bags :p
    Guess you're gonna be coming to Manchester for the accomodation open day in March? Have any idea of whereabouts you might be looking at staying? x
    Ohh right..Well I'm probably a bit biased being from Manchester myself, but i think you'll most likely really like it here (although i could be wrong!) I absolutely LOVE the city and the uni is pretty good too from what i've seen and much cheaper than London as you said.
    I think Manchester is most likely gonna be my firm choice seeing as Kings have put me on a waiting list and those 2 were my top choices but I have a Birmingham interview next week so depending on how it goes and whether i really like the place things could still change i suppose.
    Are you an A-level student btw ? Just that i always assume everyone is but then i've found that there are quite a few gap year people and grads on here too! x
    heyy there :)
    Congrats on all your offers - impressive stufff!
    Are you gonna pick Manchester as your firm choice? or you still waiting to hear from your final uni before you make a decision? x
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