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Aidan Kehoe
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Apr 18, 2012
Jul 7, 2008
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Aidan Kehoe

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Apr 18, 2012
    1. Aidan Kehoe
      Aidan Kehoe
      Hey Pete --

      Sorry about the delay in the reply (if you did indeed send this on the 8th of June). Mitosis and meiosis are relevant in the first term, so anything basic covering those would be good; all the relevant basic stuff is uncontroversial and covered adequately in Wikipedia. I wish I could give a better answer, but the first semester was hard on me, I didn't deal with it particularly well.


    2. pete.stan
      Aiden, hi my name is Peter and I'm hoping to have a place at RCSI in Setptember with a 62. Your posts have been helpful so thought you might have some advice. I'm going to be finishing up work in early July and was just curious whether you think some pre course reading might help as I don't have a chemistry or biology background. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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