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  • U alryt man. Hope ur ok. Well for the BMAT i ended up getting: 5.0 6.1 6.0 (much better than i thought.) U reckon thats gd enuf. Coz last year apparently theres the 5 5 7.5 rule, then it moved to the 5 5 6 rule-if that happens this year i'm all gd. Anyway man, u reckon that's gd enuf 2 b considered for an interview, as i did get over 50% in the 1st 2 sections (important ones). Quite a few ppl in ur year got above 50% in the 1st 2 sections and 6 in the last but still got in. Wat u think?
    But lets say i get 4.5 5 7.5, so 17 or even 16 point something will they reject me without looking my application as a whole?
    You alright? Hope your enjoying imperial (btw my cousin ali jawad is in your year). Erm i was wondering how does imp use the bmat. Do theY look at the whole application if you fulfil the minimum requirements no matter the bmat score?
    Would it be ok for me to send you my PS, it's nearly finished but some overview input would be really appreciated?
    hi there!
    i've just started A2 and am applying to Imperial. I got AABB at AS and have decided to not cash in my grades, even though my school cashes in everyone else's grades. i have heard that this was a bad idea because unis can see my grades anyway and it's dodgy if i have declined them.
    I am continuing with my three strongest A levels, and am dropping the last (for which i got a B). Do you think i shoul do some january resits in this AS to get it up to an A or is it not worth it as Im applying in October? will it makle my application stronger even tho imp want min grade B in extra AS?
    totally confused, gormless teachers, imperial wont reply to my emails/respond to ive come to you seeing as you've gone thru this lark! thank you v vvv much!

    argh! every time i try to pm, it doesn't work!
    October is a late start! lucky! well actually I start 29th so no much of a difference. Its great knowing we're going to train to become Dr's eh? Met any of your room mats on facebook groups yet?
    cheers mate, the first seven letters are my first name, the 8th being the first letter of the surname

    thx, gd luck to you too
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